Yard Sales Earn Money!

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Yard Sales Earnings as a Seasonal Business?

Yard Sales start in the spring and go until fall, it’s a great way to get rid of things you no longer want or need. For that matter you can even turn Yard Sales into a side business if you feel so inclined. So get your stuff together, put it on a table at the front of your house with some cupcakes and a money box, have a yard sale!

The amount of stuff people tend to collect is amazing. The list is long, listed below are only a few examples of things that you could put in one of your Yard Sales in the coming weeks. Any unused or no longer needed items should be taken into consideration when getting your sales items together.

You may be holding onto a mountain of items because they have a sentimental value to you, or you just haven’t gotten around to de-cluttering yet. You know you could be holding onto a goldmine, it may no longer be wanted or needed by you, but others certainly may want it.

This is just a sample of the items you can add to one of your Sales:

  • old bikes
  • computers that may or may not work
  • furniture
  • general scrap metal
  • car parts
  • kitchen utensils
  • gently used toys
  • books, CDs & DVDs
  • clothing

The first thing to do to start earning some extra cash is to start searching in the deep recesses of your own home. When I say this I mean go through your attic, your junk drawers, your wardrobe, your basement, underneath your bed, looking for anything which is sell-able.

On a side note, if you have new and unwanted Christmas or Birthday gifts you may be able to get a fairly good price for these items. Try to make sure the gift giver does not catch you at it though. You truly can make decent coin off of yard sales – as they say one man’s junk is another man’s gold.

Turning Yard Sales into an on-going Seasonal Business
Yard Sales are for selling and here’s an idea of what can be great selling items. There are 4 things which people will buy: Books, CDs, DVDs, Furniture and Electronics. Don’t forget, if you have some slightly used toys which are still in good shape there is a good chance for selling them as well.

When selling the above items you need to make sure they all work. You don’t want word going around that you sell defective items, can’t really stay in business that way. Make sure all of your items look decent!

Getting more stuff for your Sales
When buying items for your Yard Sales you need to make your own judgment calls. Broken and outdated items won’t sell as well, if at all, as new looking items. Try to hit all your local Yard/Garage Sales early in the AM, so that you can get prime pickings on the cream of the crop. Head out to the local flea markets; see if you can get yourself a deal on sell-able items.

You need to learn how to bargain like a pro or else you won’t get ahead in this business. Head on over to the online Auction sites; if you can get items dirt cheap and then sell them for more than double in one of your yard sales you’re well ahead of the game.

As another option you can buy from yards sales and sell the items online. You can sell on Ebay, TripleClicks, Loot.com, Craigslist and more. But when doing this you will end up with other costs, like shipping and the materials needed for packaging. I would say it’s much easier to buy cheap online and sell in a Yard Sale, many times as the purchaser you can get free shipping deals.

Make sure you advertise your Yard Sales online to draw in a bigger crowd. Many cities have a page dedicated to this; here’s a SuperAds Calgary Yard Sales Website as an example. When doing a search, just type in ‘city name local yard sales ‘; where ‘city name’ would be the name of the place you are interested in, this type of search seems to bring up some good results.


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