SEO Strategies – Good Backlinks versus Bad Backlinks

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SEO Strategies – Good Vs Bad

We all know that Search Engine Optimization is an effective way to increase traffic to your website When you use the benefits of SEO in the right way; you are increasing your online presence with the major search engines.  99% of online viewers will only click on the first 10 search engine results that show up. SEO techniques are more important than ever if you want to reach customers. One of the best SEO Strategies in website marketing is through backlinks.

Backlinks are incoming links to your website. When an online viewer sees a link that will take them to your site, that link is a backlink. Backlinks are useful in many ways. First, a backlink provides easy access to your site. When a backlink is on a directory site or another non-competitive website it gives people the option of visiting your site, which could help increase your traffic.

Backlinks are a part of the SEO strategies that are used to help bring in traffic. Search engine algorithms use the number of backlinks connected to your site to rank your site’s relevancy. In the eyes of search engines, backlinks are considered to be a vote of approval from another site, meaning that your site is probably more relevant. Higher relevancy means a higher search engine ranking.

Because backlinks are such an easy and effective way to direct traffic towards a website, many people have come up with a variety of ways to ‘cheat the system’ and get their pages ranked higher. As a result search engine algorithms have been designed to spot these ‘cheats’ and punish webpages that employ them. These punishments can mean that your site is removed entirely from search engine results, which could be devastating to your revenue. Because of this it is important you understand the difference between good backlinks and bad backlinks.

Good Backlinks SEO Strategies

  • Good backlinks include anchor text, or text that is visible in a hyperlink. Five advanced SEO Techniques listed here is an example of anchor text.  Using relevant keywords in such anchor text will increase your search engine rankings.
  • Authority backlinks are links to and from websites that have already gained the trust of search engines. Getting a backlink from a trusted authority website like will increase your search engine rankings.
  • Resource links are used to link one useful website to another and these links are relevant to one another.
  • Forum signature linking involves using discussion forums with many outbound links to other relevant websites.

Bad Backlinks SEO Strategies

Links can be of two forms- Follow, which takes you somewhere and No-follow which lead nowhere. No-Follow links are considered to be bad and will damage your search engine rankings. Always make sure your links go somewhere. Here are other forms of bad backlinks:

  • Link spamming is when you add as many links as possible, regardless of whether or not they are relevant to your site.
  • Sybil linking is when you create several websites under different domain names and link them all together in an attempt to fool the search engine in a higher ranking.
  • Linking software is used to create a great deal of link connections and speed up the SEO process. The problem with these is that they often do not create links that are relevant to the site and therefore the links are considered as spam.

Using bad backlinks will get your site kicked off of search engines, which can severely impact your business. Always make sure that you are implementing good backlinks as part of the SEO strategies you employ.

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