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SEO Strategies to Keep your Site in Good Standing

Everyone wants their website to have a top-ranking on search engines and using the right SEO strategies is the way to accomplish this. However, since there is only so much room at the top many people have created a number of ways to ‘cheat’ the search engines and gain an advantage over their competitors. This is what we mean when we refer to white hat or black hat techniques.

White Hat Techniques
White hat techniques are SEO strategies that are considered to be fair and reasonable. Websites use a number of different techniques to show search engines information about their content and how relevant to the search term this content is.  White hat techniques are what you should be implementing for your website to receive a good deal of traffic. Examples of white hat techniques are:

  • Backlinking with other relevant and useful webpages, especially those that are considered by search engines to be authoritative.
  • Reciprocal linking, where your site and another non-competitive site link with one another to increase both sites’ backlinks. These links need to be ‘Follow’ links to be considered white hat.
  • Using quality and precisely placed keywords in your website’s content.
  • Using images and image links on your website.

Each of these SEO Strategies will increase how search engines will rank your site, because they are all based on honest keywords, real links and real images.

Attempting to falsify your website’s content is considered to be using black hat techniques. Examples of black hat techniques include:

  • Keyword stuffing or jamming as many keywords into the page as possible is one of the most obvious SEO strategies out there.
  • Cloaking or presenting a different set of information to the search engines crawling spider than what is actually on the site.
  • Link spamming or creating a huge number of non-relevant or No-follow links. This sometimes referred to as Google bombing or Google washing.
  • Spamdexing messes with the search engine’s algorithm program by using repeating unrelated phrases and other techniques to fake relevancy.
  • Article spinning is considered to be a black hat technique.
  • Hidden text or links are not seen by the website’s viewer but can been seen by search engine spiders. Many people fill their webpage with hidden text or links in order trick the search engines into thinking more is there.

Utilizing these so-called black hat SEO Strategies creates several problems. If you website is filled with No-Follow links and is jammed with keyword spam and hidden materials, then odds are people are not going to want to view your site. Sure they may be able to locate your site quickly because of its high search engine ranking, but if the webpage is difficult to navigate and read then the viewer probably won’t stay long enough to buy anything. They probably won’t come back either.

Search engine algorithms are constantly being updated and these updates are secret. If you are using black hat techniques as part of your SEO Strategies, odds are you will be found out by the search engine. This will get you labeled as an unethical website and get you removed from search engine rankings.

It is always better to properly use white hat SEO techniques; black hat techniques could endanger your search engine rankings and without a search engine ranking how are most people going to locate your website?

Unsure of how SEO works? A couple of good reads from Amazon:
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