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Pay to Promote your Website with a Trusted Company!

Will paid promotion work ImageThe question of the hour is, should you pay to promote your website and who should you choose? My answer to that is I have paid and I have also used free methods of promotion; which do I think is better?

I will admit when it comes to being lazy I will rate myself right up there with the number ones of laziness when it comes to repetitive tasks and sometimes I just despise doing the same thing over and over again. That being said I have chosen to take a test run on paid promotion for this website, the fee is not too steep, the plan signed up for is around $30 per month.

Promoting your website can and most often times will take up a vast amount of your time and if you are doing it on your own you simply run out of time. As for me, I still work a 40 hour week and then have to find the time to create unique and valuable content for the website. I have hired out for several articles on the website and even some SEO work and still I am seriously lacking in time and materials.

Pay to Promote Your Website – I say yes, it can and does work!

I’m sure you’re guessing by now that “Yes”, I’m on-board for the pay to promote your website experience. As long as it is affordable and the results show effective. You want to make sure you go with a reputable company, make sure they use acceptable methods of promotion.

Free promotion: Posting articles on one of the Zines is a great method of promoting your website as we all know but we must follow a couple of simple rules when writing those articles. When you write your article, write it well, make it interesting and please do have it make complete sense.  Don’t just throw words together so that you can get a link back to your site as this does not really help you out, it only labels you as a spammer/hack and perhaps even a complete tool; not even close to being an expert in the field you have chosen.

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Another method of free is to join up with a reciprocal email marketing campaign.  To be honest the odds are not in your favor with this type of venture but you can generate a few return visitors with this application. The trick there is to have a highly appealing page that you are putting in as the link that gets shown. Make it stand out from the rest of the competition and offer pizza somewhere in your subject line. From the campaigns I have run in the past the pizza subject line brought in the most clicks – imagine that.

Pay to Promote Your Website – Paying for help in the promotion of your website can be beneficial, go with a company that has the positive reviews to back their work up. If you can find a reputable company that charges a reasonable fee it can save you hours and hours of work; and ultimately help you to earn money in the long run. Try something out for free first, like TrafficSwarm.

If you have the extra coin and decide to sample out pay to promote your website, please Make Sure you investigate the promoter that you are thinking of going with. Read the reviews on the possible promoters you have before you join, factor in the cost, don’t just go with who is cheapest and remember most of these promoters do continue as a monthly paid venture; make sure that you are able to drop out at any time that you choose. Find out about Google AdWords online advertising.


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