Digital Art – Selling Yours for Profit

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Digital Art – Turn Regular Images into Works of Art!

Do you want to make money from home by making some of your Art works digital? How do you do that? That’s simple, just take a good photo of your artwork and use your image editing software to enhance your paintings, photos or anything else you may want to turn into digital art for posting online and selling.

The image you see to the left is an example of digital art which was created with Paint Shop Pro. I combined one photo with one already digital image. I added light and shadows to make it appear that there is a light shining down from the right. This is a very simple example of how the process works. The second photo was further enhanced with Adobe Photoshop Elements. Read more…


Yard Sales Earn Money!

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Yard Sales Earnings as a Seasonal Business?

Yard Sales start in the spring and go until fall, it’s a great way to get rid of things you no longer want or need. For that matter you can even turn Yard Sales into a side business if you feel so inclined. So get your stuff together, put it on a table at the front of your house with some cupcakes and a money box, have a yard sale!

The amount of stuff people tend to collect is amazing. The list is long, listed below are only a few examples of things that you could put in one of your Yard Sales in the coming weeks. Any unused or no longer needed items should be taken into consideration when getting your sales items together.

You may be holding onto a mountain of items because they have a sentimental value to you, or you just haven’t gotten around to de-cluttering yet. You know you could be holding onto a goldmine, it may no longer be wanted or needed by you, but others certainly may want it. Read more…


Home Business Income Opportunities

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Home Business Income – Basics of Getting a Flow Coming In

There are many of us today that are looking at sources for home business income and the internet is making it easier. The internet is a great advertising tool; it’s like a storefront for any business we want to open. We can show samples of our products or simply provide information about our business ideas. This is not to say it is easy, there are a few things you need to know to get traffic to your website, here’s a quick rundown.

  • First – To start earning Home Business Income you need a business to work with.
    • Research the business idea, especially if it is an MLM type business.
    • You can become an affiliate of places like Ebay, Amazon or one of the many others.
    • Or you already have a skill like photography, photo editor.
    • You can make money from advertising others businesses on your site from places like Adsense.
    • You can write articles and get a bit of commission from places like HubPages or Squidoo.
    • You can be a Freelancer on Elance, O’Desk, Freelancer, Fiversworld or one of the many other places that are available. Read more…


Create Apps for Smart Phones

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Create Apps and Earn Income at Home

Very few things are certain in our lifetime, but you can probably bet the farm on the fact that very few people are willing to give up their smartphone anytime soon. More and more apps are being created every day. If you want to work from home and are interested in computers and mobile devices it may be a great idea to learn how to create apps for some of the Smartphones.

What You Need
The first thing you are going to need is a computer; in fact a computer with an active internet connection is the only thing you are ever going to need to create apps for smartphones. Even though there are many different mobile devices, there are ultimately three different types of mobile devices that would make it profitable to learn to program for. These would be the iPhone, the Android, and the Blackberry. Read more…


Transcriber Work on the Internet

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What a Transcriber Does

A transcriber is someone that transcribes recorded information to written form. Many companies use transcribers to free up the time of other in-house staff. Executives and professionals dictate into a recordable device and then a transcriber converts the work into document form.

The great thing about transcribing information is you can do it from the privacy of your own home, make up your own hours and get paid for it. People need all sorts of notes transcribed, or maybe voice records or something similar. To be a successful transcriber you must be accurate in your work. If you have the accuracy and the speed required you definitely can transcribing from home. Read more…


Make Money Online Home Jobs with FiversWorld

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Sign up for the make money online home jobs at FiversWorld?

How will you save when buying jobs on FiversWorld? Make money online Home Jobs that FiversWorld has to offer can get you the start you need in the online job market; start small and go big with the experience and time invested by you.

To get started at FiversWorld – First of all you need to sign up for your free account. At FiversWorld you can either buy or sell jobs. If you simply want to make money online you would create a new job for the service you are offering. If there is someone that wants to order your job, you’ll be notified. Once the job is completed FiversWorld will credit your account with the price of the job you posted. Read more…

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