Create Your Own Product

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Do You Need To Create Your Own Product?

Create your own productYou may already know about affiliate marketing, and how it can help your home-based business generate a little extra income on the side. But did you know that affiliate marketing can also help promote your OWN product? Read on to find out how  to create your own product with an affiliate marketing program around it. This may be key to your home based business’s long-term success!

How Affiliate Marketing Can Help You
When you create an affiliate marketing program around your digital product (such as an e-book, a course, etc.), you open the doors to other keen Internet marketers who are looking for great products to sell in their niche. If they like your product, and if they like the commission they’ll sign up and start selling your product to THEIR networks! Read more…


Boost Sales With Free Gifts

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How Free Gifts Can Actually Boost Sales

Boost Sales with Free Gifts Image

Traditional home-based business owners like to keep their trade secrets a secret. But if you’re doing business over the Internet, you’ll have to get rid of that mentality and share more of your expertise with the world! Here’s why today’s most successful home-based business owners give away bits of their expertise for free to boost sales – and why you should, too.

The Internet Is All About Sharing
Today, on the Internet, sharing is the name of the game. Most of the information people are looking for is just a Google search away — and you’ll need to find a way to “ride the wave,” so to speak, if you want to successfully grow your home-based business on the Internet! Internet marketers ride the wave by offering freebies, discounts, and “free reports” to their websites’ visitors, in exchange for the visitors’ e-mail addresses. Since it’s hard to turn down a free offer, most visitors will think, “Why not?” and sign right up! Read more…


Online Home Business for Extra Income

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Online Home Business – Which Businesses do you want to Join?

Make money on the internet from the comfort of your own homeI have read plenty of articles in regards to running an online home business via the internet. The online home business ideas you find at the top of searches seem to be the the ones that claim they are the best. Which one should you or I join up with? Some even give you a guarantee of a specific number of people in your down-line if said business works with down-lines. I say I don’t know about those places and I do prefer to figure these things out for myself and that takes time.

I will admit to the fact that I am cheap and do not want to spend a lot of money, or any money at all. Unless I am getting something concrete or at least I feel has a good chance of showing a return, I prefer to keep my money. Keep in mind that all things we invest money into will not bring us a return on their own. When you combine money invested with all our other efforts it tends to balance out; bringing us to the old saying; Give a Little, Get a Little. Read more…


Online Home Business – Relaxed Home Biz

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Online Home Business Help

Relaxed Home Biz, your place for startup business ideasDo you have an online home business or are you searching for a few tips and tools that will help you out? At Relaxed Home Biz we are doing just that for you. You will find articles on a number of different topics; a how-to or a how-not to, tasks you should perform along with other highly recommended practices.

If you’re new to Internet Marketing, you should stick around. Those of us that are searching for the much needed Online Home Business Tips and Tools may find that there is an overload of content to get through and endless strategies available. It is our attempt to simplify your options and pass on the info to you.

Find something that actually works and put in the time and effort to master it!

  • Promoting with INeedHits as of June 10, 2011 – may try to sign up as a promoter for INeedHits.
  • Google Boost inclusion and a few backlinks – will report back as to how this works out.
  • Free Email marketing program, gets you traffic but not sure of the value as of yet.

Updated January 30, 2012; The internet promotion I have undertaken is moving along fairly well, can’t complain. We have actually learned a lot over the past year and have found some great tools that we have found to be extremely useful.

If you are using WordPress, I would recommend SEO by Yoast; we are still in the process of going through all of our articles, tweaking… Much tweaking to do! If you are running an online home business that depends on your website being found learn your SEO. We need our sites to be found by the search engines and in order to do that we have to  use the right keywords and keep it informative.


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