Affiliate Marketing Programs – How to Find Legitimate Ones

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Affiliate Marketing Program – Choosing Legitimate Affiliate Opportunities

Affiliate marketing programs are one of several types of business opportunities. Before checking the legitimacy of a business opportunity, you should be aware that 26 states in the US enforce business opportunity law.  You can learn more from the Federal Trade Commission’s site.

Here is a checklist of other things you should find out before jumping headfirst into the potentially murky and unsafe waters of any affiliate marketing programs that you stumble across.

  • Is the scheme a part of a reputable third-party affiliates network like CommissionJunction.com? Such networks screen applicants before they feature them.
  • Does the program require any capital? If it does, make sure it is minimal and make other stringent checks before handing over any money. Check, in particular, that it is not actually a pyramid scheme masquerading as an affiliate program. Pyramid selling is illegal in many countries including the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK. Read more…


Stay on Track with your Online Business, Remain Focused:

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Fast Food Charlie'sHow is your venture going so far? Are there days when you just get fed up and want to forget all about it? Is it taking more time than you thought it would or should? Do you spend your weekends working on articles or the layout and content of your website? Does your spouse question you as to what you are doing? Most importantly, are you making money yet? Can’t find enough time in the day to get all the things you planned done?

I know how frustrating it can all be, with so much data to go through. And then you have to figure out what to include and what to omit. There is only so much free time that you will be prepared to dedicate to your on-line business, otherwise you will be better off going and getting a part time job with a regular income. Read more…

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Website Image Copyright & TinEye

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We all like to dress up our websites with a bit of graphics here and there, but we also need to know that no one is going to come after us for the wrongful use of said photos or graphics. There is a way to check this out, this also applies to if you want to see if anyone has taken one of your images and put it to use on one of their sites.

You may find it flattering that others are putting your images to use, in a way stating that they feel your images are good enough to post on their own space; but there are those that do not appreciate you using their images for even a moment of time. Read more…


How to leverage Article Directories for Organic Traffic!

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Getting Organic Traffic

Leveraging Article DirectoriesHopefully you already understand how important it is to appear in Google’s search results. in order to receive organic traffic (and best of all FREE) to your website or blog you need to build links. You need to boost your sites popularity and that is done with great content and quality links pointing to your site.

We already know that to rank highly, we need links pointing to our site from other sites. This proves to Google that we have a good reputation. Google assumes that if a big or very strong website links to another, that’s a sign of trust between the two. So, how can we start building these ‘trusted’ links. I have two words to answer this ‘Article Directories!’ Submitting articles to directories is by far one of the most effective ways of building strong in pointing links to your websites. But wait there’s more, much more to article submissions. Here’s the advantages of submitting to high quality Article Directories. Read more…


Get Adsense Working For You

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Adsense Tips – Get Adsense Working For You!

Marketing in the age of GoogleFor those of us that have a website, or blog which receives traffic on a daily basis, Google’s Adsense program is a fantastic way to help you to monetize and take full advantage of your website content. It’s a simple and easy to understand concept that anybody can use, regardless of your programmer skills!

The idea is that you dedicate a space on your web page for Google to display its advertisements in. We’ve all seen these adverts before; they’re the ones you see on the right hand side of your Google search results! One of the really clever things about the Adsense program is the way that Google carefully selects the most appropriate ad types to display based upon the subject of your web page! — So for instance, my blog based upon gardening would have advertisements such as gardening tools, flower seeds, greenhouses etc. See how this works? Read more…


Setting up your Google Adsense Account.

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How to set up your Google Adsense account!

For those of us who have websites that generate a handful of visitors, Google Adsense is a fantastic online revenue program which helps us publishers (website or blog owners) make some cash from the visitors we receive on our sites.

Its a really simple concept that sees Google place advertisements on parts of your page that you decide to hand over to Google. They then select the right ads and before you know it, people are clicking on your ads and you’re earning! It may not be bank breaking amounts, but it all adds up over the month and can be a nice little earner!

Choosing the best advertisers:
Google Adsense will automatically choose the best advertisers to display on your site, however if you decide that a particular advertiser isn’t to your liking, you can even opt to block them from showing up on your site or blog. There are a few things to do before you can start making money from Google Adsense. They are: Read more…


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