Freelancing – Most Lucrative of Startup Business Ideas?

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Freelancing as a Big Part of Your Home Business

Freelancing requires zero expenditure and that’s why it’s perhaps the favorite of all Startup Business Ideas out there. All you need to start your own freelancing business is a computer, and an internet connection. Optional extras include the desire to succeed, and a skill set that is in demand. Every website must be designed, and every website requires content – if you’re proficient in either of these areas, you can be sure your skills are worth some cold hard cash to a lot of people out there.

Approach it as a business
There are two ways to approach freelancing – a quick way to make some easy money, or a way to make sustainable income with a little work. Those who are looking to make some easy money may find it hard to see any kind of return from freelancing. For those who approach freelancing with a long term outlook, it’s a great startup business idea. Read more…

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SEO Social Media Advances

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Leveraging the Latest SEO Technological Advances

Watch, read and learn how to create and customize WordPress sitesSEO is the practice of getting better rankings on the search engines. The methods have changed over the last 14 years. If you cast yourselves back to 1997 it was essentially a matter of stuffing your web pages with keywords. If you could outdo your competitors in terms of keyword frequency and keyword prominence, the search engines at the time (Altavista , infoseek etc) would rank your pages well.

As we all know Google came along and changed the way SEO works. Google’s primary way of rating sites was, and still is, to analyze the quality and quantity of backlinks directed at web pages. It realized that the backlinks were effectively like votes in confidence for the content of the pages they point to. Read more…

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Email Lists Help Market Your Business

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Email Lists – Start building your list to make money online.

Why we should have good EMail listsTo get the very most out of your website or personal business, you should most certainly consider the importance of building email lists and part of your marketing campaign. Building solid email lists is one of the keys to a successful business!

Mailing lists are used to send out important information about your business, sometimes in the form of newsletters. They inform your customers of important updates, what products you are selling, and anything relevant to your business. Read more…


Amazon Affiliate – How it all works!

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Amazon Affiliate Opportunities

Internet Marketing from the Real ExpertsBecoming an Amazon affiliate is a great way for you to earn income off the internet. But, don’t expect that you can just post a few links and you will earn money as easily as that. As with any affiliate program you need to promote interest and website traffic so that you can generate sales.

Amazon runs an affiliate program which offers anyone from the general public the chance to help market Amazon products. In turn, you cash in on receiving a commission! As with any freelance business, working as an Amazon Affiliate comes with its pros and cons. Being an Amazon Affiliate is commission based earnings; if you don’t sell, you don’t earn. Read more…



On page SEO – Why it’s Important and How to get it Right!

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On Page SEO – Why is it Important?

For both the ‘newbie’ webmaster and the experienced online Guru alike, on page SEO is an absolutely crucial foundation for building strong search engine rankings and position. While most web master efforts are normally focused on off page SEO, such as link building and advertising, all of these hard spent hours will be wasted if the on page SEO factors are not satisfied.

A well optimized page can often appear in the search engine index on this alone! Fortunately for those of us new to the world of making money online, on page SEO is more than often overlooked, which provides us with a great starting block to compete with bigger and older websites. Read more…


Online Revenue Streams

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Online Revenue Streams for Your Home Business

One of the most difficult decisions a newcomer to the world of online marketing has to make is what sort or online revenue streams are you going to focus on? It’s a really involved decision that requires a lot of thought and consideration as it’ll probably be something you’ll be committing to for the long term! There are obvious advantages and disadvantages for all three of the primary revenue models and its crucial that all new webmasters or marketers understand these.

The main three online revenue streams are from Advertising (Google Adsense), Virtual products (e-products) and physical products (actual sales). The way you set up and run your website will be greatly influenced by the type of online revenue streams you decide to chase. You will notice that most websites will dedicate the site to one particular stream of income. You will also find instances where some sites will sell physical products and then add an up-sell of a tightly linked virtual product. Virtual products can be as simple as how-to guides for physical products. Read more…


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