Advanced SEO Techniques

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Advanced SEO Techniques – 5 Steps

Google Webmaster ToolsThere are various articles on Relaxed Home Biz covering SEO such as:
‘On Page SEO – How to get it right!’, ‘Great Ways To Start Link Building Today’ and ‘Finding the Right Keyword for your Site’ (all prerequisites to this article), but this article covers some more advanced SEO techniques which you may feel ready to take advantage of.

  1. Create a Google Webmasters Tools Account. From this account you can check whether there are any errors reported by Google when it tries to crawl your website (and take any necessary corrective action). You can also
    1. investigate the top search queries.
    2. check back links.
    3. submit a Google Site map (see below). Read more…


Get Backlinks without Requesting Them

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Get Backlinks Naturally

Further to our posts on Link Building, we thought you would like to hear our tips on how to Get Backlinks Naturally, without actually sending out link requests.

  • Engage in social media to get backlinks – This means not limiting your activity on social media to just shouting out messages, but also responding to your friends and followers and relaying other people’s useful content.
  • Get backlinks with your content: It may sound obvious, but you should write high quality, original content that people will naturally want to link to. To keep it original, look at what’s happening in your area and be the first to write about it.
  • Use trending tools to find out what people are really interested in right now, and write content accordingly. These tools include Twitter search, Google Insights, Google trends, Technorati and more. Read more…

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Target Keywords for Your Site

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Target Keywords – Points to Remember

It is surprising how common it is for website owners to target keywords which aren’t effective in attracting visitors to their site. The points to remember when choosing keywords are:

  • Choose them from the customers’ perspective. E.g. if a page on an orthopedic surgeon’s site were optimized for scapular fracture instead of broken shoulder blade it may miss out on a lot of web traffic. In order to decide which of several search phrases attracts the most traffic, use the Google Insights for Search tool.
  • Ensure that they are not highly competitive with other websites. If there are hundreds of other websites selling similar products or services to your own, then you may have severe difficulty ranking on the first page for words which directly describe your product or service, so it may be necessary to think of variants which have not been targeted by your competitors. Read more…


Internet Shop Startup Business Ideas

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Internet Shop of Your Own

We’ve all bought something online at some point or another, and online shopping is only going to get more popular as more people gain access to the internet. That’s great news for those looking for startup business ideas. A well set up and maintained Internet Shop can easily become a long term money making business.

Finding a niche
The hardest part of starting an internet shop is identifying a niche in the market that you can fill. The chances are you won’t find a niche with no competition. It’s a good idea to identify a niche with lower competition numbers, giving you a greater chance at making your business successful. The more competition you’re up against means you’ll have a tougher job succeeding. There are many niches out there with little or no competition in them, it’s just a case of setting aside the time to find them. Read more…

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Freelancing and Keeping Customers Happy

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Freelancing to the Client’s Satisfaction

Crucial to the success of all Startup Business Ideas is the notion of providing top class customer service. Fail to keep your customers happy and you won’t see them come back – even worse they can warn other people off from using your services, it’s easy to see why this can lead to the failure of a business. Freelancing is a business where customer satisfaction is of utmost importance.

Customer Service is King
You could be selling flower pots, or you could be a cashier in a supermarket – the one thing that drives business and repeat customers is customer service. Customer service is everything and as a business you want to have that base covered at all costs. Your customers, or clients, in the world of freelancing can be a demanding bunch, but keeping them happy is essential to you getting more work. Keeping them happy can lead to repeat work; if you’ve worked with them before you’re more likely to get things right the first time on future projects. Read more…

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Freelancing – How to Get Jobs

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Freelancing – Writing Gigs on the Internet

FreelancingGetting jobs on Freelancing Sites is getting more competitive – due to the amount of people out of work that are looking for easy money online. As startup business ideas go, freelancing requires some patience, but you will be rewarded. Treating freelancing as a long term source of income is a great way to look at it – freelancing isn’t an instant cash machine. Don’t expect instant results, and don’t give up if the going gets tough.

Your profile is key
On freelancing websites your profile is key; it’s the first thing people look at when considering your bid. A bad profile means you will almost certainly get no work – and no work means no income, no income means you don’t really have a business. The key to getting work on a freelancing site is to sell yourself – sell yourself to those looking for your skills. If you can design breath taking and eye catching websites then don’t just make your clients take your word for it, upload links to sites in your portfolio! Read more…

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