Website Marketing & Your Online Business

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 Website Marketing – Online Home Business Marketing Tips

Understanding how to start an online home business has proven easier in last few years. Putting up a website is the easiest way into the online home business industry. It’s similar to opening up a conventional office where business owners and consumers do business. Learn the benefits of website marketing and how it can bring more profit to your business.

Website marketing is widely used by Brick and Mortar businesses to help generate more prospects. Hopefully withthis type of business you can buy the domain with your business name in it; this is ideal. You can also earn money with local businesses by promoting their business for them. Read more…

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Understanding SEO

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Understanding SEO – The New Face of SEO 

Google Webmaster ToolsUnderstanding SEO is no longer all about the manipulation of keywords on a webpage. You need to provide quality and relevant content. Below are the key components to an effective SEO campaign that will help your business ideas materialize:

Strategic Keyword Analysis
One of the most effective ways to run a business using website marketing is to understand the the importance of keyword analysis. Finding the right keywords is considered a strong component of any optimization process. Keyword analysis is a big part of understanding SEO and how it works. Read more…

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Where to get your Backlinks

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Backlinks For Your Website

High Page Ranking Sites; the good sites where you can get valuable backlinks for your website. For most that have been building websites for a while we all know that getting good backlinks can be a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be. I have a few recommendations for you in regards to that;, and – with these 3 suggestions it’s as simple as filling out your profile details and then you can start tweeting your beneficial advice and opinions.

To elaborate on the above High PR sites a bit more you can take a look at how these Article Directories are ranking before choosing the Directories you want to sign on with.  If you would like to check out the page rank of either of the websites you are thinking of trying to get links from, the simplest one I have found at this point is PR Checker. The PR Checker is also a very useful tool if you want to check out your own website, if you are thinking about doing a link exchange; go ahead and check your stats and theirs too. Read more…


Link Popularity – How to Check Yours!

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Link Popularity – who needs it?

If you’re trying to earn money with an online business your link popularity does matter. There are several websites out there that will give you a quick report on who may be linking to your website; I have found that the numbers can vary slightly from one link checking site to another. If you want to see some of the choices out there to find out about your link popularity simply put the words ‘link popularity checker tool’ or something similar into a search engine and you will be given a few different choices.

The more link popularity tools I look at, the more I see how much it varies and with some it also seems to matter if I put www in or not. There are some that show me no data at all; so I’m not sure on that. I would suggest you try out My Website Ranking it seems to bring up fairly valid numbers; last checked in July of 2011  – you can simply run a check. With My Website Ranking you get quite a bit of info, you link popularity will be shown and even the dollar value and age of your website. Read more…


Online Business Making Money

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Online Business Making Money over the Internet!

Proven methods for building an online income streamAn Online Business is one way of making money from home. When I talk about an online business I mean a venture that is run via the internet and does not require an actual storefront. As you can see I used the words Online Business Making Money in my title and after that I went and put those same words into Google to see what the search would bring up. From the links brought up I will click a few to see what information I may want to include in this article; some of the links I’m led to are useful and some are not, it all depends on what a person is looking for.

How can you get an online business going without investing money? One idea that a lot of people are putting to use is writing, for your own blog, for zines or for others. You can join one of the many content zines; as in Hubpages or Squidoo; with the places mentioned your payments are calculated on a combination of how often users click ads through your articles and affiliate fees. In order for this to work you need to have traffic coming in to view your articles and ideally they will find an interesting ad that is worthy of clicking on for more information.  Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? Read more…


Private Label Rights Web Content

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How can you use Private Label Rights with your website?

The rules of PLR content for your websiteKeeping your website on the top of search engine results takes a great deal of time and effort, but it is essential if you want a high amount of traffic to reach your site. This means that you have to be constantly updating your website’s content and providing new information. The time it takes to write and edit new content could leave you with less time to expand the business or handle its day to day operations.

This is where private label rights or PLR can help, you buy, you edit it and then add the modified content to your website. PLR is content that you purchase, you alter it and then publish it as your own. This content can be found as text, images, graphics, software, articles and even eBooks. Once you purchase the rights to such content, all that is required is that you alter it to make it unique and then you own the copyrights to it. Read more…


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