How to leverage Article Directories for Organic Traffic!

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Getting Organic Traffic

Leveraging Article DirectoriesHopefully you already understand how important it is to appear in Google’s search results. in order to receive organic traffic (and best of all FREE) to your website or blog you need to build links. You need to boost your sites popularity and that is done with great content and quality links pointing to your site.

We already know that to rank highly, we need links pointing to our site from other sites. This proves to Google that we have a good reputation. Google assumes that if a big or very strong website links to another, that’s a sign of trust between the two. So, how can we start building these ‘trusted’ links. I have two words to answer this ‘Article Directories!’ Submitting articles to directories is by far one of the most effective ways of building strong in pointing links to your websites. But wait there’s more, much more to article submissions. Here’s the advantages of submitting to high quality Article Directories.

1) Each article is a link back to your site! – Every time you submit an article to a directory they will allow you to post an ‘author bio’ or ‘blurb’ at the end of the article. Normally this is just a few lines about yourself, but you MUST take advantage of this and add a link back to your site! Each article viewer will then potentially click on the link and become a visitor to your site! If the article you submit is highly relevant to your website or blog, the reader will more than likely want to keep on reading. This is called a ‘pre-sell’ and you’ll see this on many articles online.

2) Authority Sites! – Each website holds a different reputation within Google, and this ‘rep’ has a serious impact on how powerful a link to your site will be. For instance, global sites such as CNN news, BBC news, Facebook, Bebo, Amazon carry an awesome amount of credibility. Google reflects this in the page PR (page ranking). Unfortunately its quite hard to get a link from these sites. The next best thing are sites known as ‘Authority Sites’. These are ones such as EzineArticles, Amazines, Hubpages, Squidoo etc. Google loves these too and sees them as authorities in various subject areas, so a link from them will carry a lot of weight! Many article directories are seen as authority sites! The first two above are absolute musts for submissions.

3) Syndication Potential – The third and just as important benefit of submitting to article directories is the syndication potential. These article directories allow articles to be ‘syndicated’ to other websites. So if I owned a blog about cameras and I read a great article on camera techniques, I could click the syndicate or publish button, and display that article on my website too (complete with the author bio and link to the author’s website!) This means I now have 2 links for the one article! Its not uncommon for a good article to be syndicated on to up to 50 sites! That’s a massive 51 links back, all from one good article!

Just be sure to open your author account properly, complete the ‘about me’ info and add your website link in to the author bio so that it appears on all articles you write. Don’t try to publish rubbish either as all articles are checked by a human. They don’t have to be literary genius, just make sure they’re useful.

As website or blog owners, we really need to be on this first page of the Google search results. This can sometimes be tricky, depending on the keyword we want to appear for, but it is achievable. The best way to receive traffic freely is through the search engines. This is known as organic traffic which in essence means that the visitor has found YOUR site and not that you’ve gone looking for a visitor!

The vast majority of organic traffic to websites comes from Google search results pages. Think about it, if you want to find something out, it’s highly probable you’ll open up your web browser and type your question straight into Google and then look on the results page for the info you need.

HOW do get ourselves placed in the search results and begin receiving organic traffic from the search engines? Unfortunately there’s no way to pay for this outright. We need to show Google that our site is trustworthy and reputable. Once we do this, Google will visit us and ‘index’ our site. Then we need to begin building links into our site. The more quality links we have, the higher up the search rankings we will go. This means more organic traffic visiting your site which means more sales or clicks, which as you know means more revenue!


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