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Online Home Business Ideas Using Videos

Tired of looking for online home business ideas? You’ve probably stumbled upon several business ideas and you’re still not sure. If you want visual business ideas then YouTube is the best place to start your video production business. The question is, do you know how to start a business with YouTube?

YouTube is the largest video sharing site with a vast collection of videos from different sources. If you think that the videos published on YouTube are just for entertainment then you have missed out on some truly education business videos. Seeing how other business owners are doing has been made easier by watching them on YouTube. If you want to reap the benefits of creating your own videos for business purposes, here are some tips on how to start an online home business with YouTube.

Getting Set Up
If this is the first time you are doing an online home business, you may need to set up a website before posting a video on YouTube. You can create a simple website that will reflect your business ideas. You Must Have the following pages:

  • Business Profile page – This page should be your landing page. Your profile page should contain an overview of your business which will showcase your business ideas. You must list your abilities to help fulfill your potential customers needs. It should have a “natural” sales pitch that will turn your web visitors into buying customers. Keywords should be placed on this page strategically so that it can be found easily by searching.
  • About page – This page should contain more detailed information about your business. Which includes;  how and where it started, year founded, people involved and any other important information.
  • Contact page – This page should have your business contact information which will allow your web visitors to reach you in case they have questions or suggestions. This page will serve as your business card.

Once your website is ready, you can start creating video. With this online home business idea, YouTube has made it easier for website owners to promote their site. On each video you create, you will be able to create a link back to your site.

Creating Your First Video
Your first video should be brief, but must contain your most important online home business ideas. Make sure to keep the following tips in mind when creating your first video:

  • Easy to find – Videos on YouTube can be found by name, keywords and creator. From these search categories, you can capitalize on keywords. Make sure that your keywords are the same as those that are tied up with your site so viewers can find your videos easily.
  • Interesting – Viewers have found your first video. What do you think will make that search beneficial? You have to make sure that your videos and its tag lines are interesting enough for viewers to click on that link to your website.
  • Not too friendly – If your first video is annoying and spammy looking, forget about potential website visitors. The best online home business ideas videos are those that can provide significant information that is credible and interesting to viewers.
  • Not too detailed – Make sure you leave your guests thirsting for more; don’t give out too much information, too soon. If you give all the information about your business ideas in your first video, how do you get them to your website?

If you want your videos to become popular on YouTube, follow these tips:

  • Invite comments – YouTube has made their site interactive. Viewers are allowed to leave a comment on each posted video. You can use this feature to create a discussion with viewers. On your video, make sure to create something that will compel viewers to comment. You have to monitor your videos so that you can respond back.
  • Create a channel – This is a way of compiling your videos. One video can lead to another and each can have a link back to your site. This is when a “not so detailed” type of video becomes necessary to create the continuity.
  • Multiply popularity potential – When creating your videos, make sure to invite your viewers to “copy” your videos by embedding them to their site. Your viewers should be encouraged to share your videos with their friends by sending them a link. By taking advantage of these features, you could make your video marketing go viral.

For the average online user, watching videos beats reading text. You can truly propel your online home business with the aid of well developed, informational videos.

Earn from Views
Apart from ads-based programs, your videos can also earn based on the number of views. Sites like Metacafe offers a rewards program based on number of views. Your videos can earn $5 for a thousand views after 20,000 views. Of course, your video must be your own creation.

Get Paid on Downloads
Most of the popular sites that pay by videos downloaded from their portal are Apple’s iTunes Music Store, Lulu, Streamyo, and Vuze. Each has their own set of rules which you should read through before uploading your videos.

Other online home business ideas that will allow you to convert your videos to profit are video commissioning, videos on demand and royalty based videos. The sites mentioned here offer a wide variety of features that will help you become successful in online business marketing your videos.

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