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Online Home Business- Start your Business with Domain Parking

“Coming soon”. “Website Under Construction”. “This domain is for sale”. These are some of the messages that you will see when you are redirected to a webpage after mistyping a website’s URL. These web pages are referred to as parked domains. Do you know that someone is making money simply because most of us are not so sure of the website address that we want to visit? This person can be you! Here are some insights on how to start an online home business with domain parking.

Understanding Domain Parking
Few people know that there is money to be earned from other peoples mistakes. Domain parking was intended for websites that are not yet ready to go live. These sites are owned by online entrepreneurs who are yet to create web content. They bought their domain name early, then decided to “park” it while waiting for further development of their site.

Today, domain parking has been a good source for profitable online home business ideas. While it is still intended for securing domains for later development, online entrepreneurs have begun using it to redirect traffic and reselling. Below are the details on why people park domains and how to start a business with it.

Securing Domains for Later Use
Learning how to start a business on the internet usually begins when you have your own website. This is the goal everyone has when they want to start converting online home business ideas into profit. The first step is coming up with a website address. Once the address is confirmed, domain registration follows. The next step is to create content that will fill the site, this takes time.

This scenario makes domain parking a good source for online home business addresses and ideas. If you can think of domains that people will want in the future, you can purchase them. Parked domains are usually purchased in bulk to reduce costs. Careful keyword research is a required before you can look at reselling parked domains.

Think like an online entrepreneur who is eager to start a business on the internet. What name will be best for your business? The answer should be your first lead in coming up with a list of parked domains that you can sell.

Redirecting Traffic from Parked Domains
The next reason why somebody parks a domain is to redirect traffic to an operational website. Since most people are uncertain of the exact address of the websites they intend to visit, website developers and internet marketers use domain parking as a smart way of still benefiting from this “mistaken” traffic. They redirect traffic going to these parked domains straight to their websites with links or by other automated methods.

Visit newly built online home business websites, then try variations of their website address. When you come up with a long list of “page cannot be found” errors, you have a business proposal to offer them. These websites are your first clients. You can contact them through their Contact us page to let them know why they should buy parked domains from you. Make sure you let them know how it can help their business.

How to Earn Passive Income from Domain Parking
Imagine how other people’s typing mistakes can earn money for you, without doing any hard work. You can earn from online users mistyped words without exerting a lot of effort.

As part of your online home business you can also earn from advertisements posted on your parked domains web pages.

How it works
If you’ve ever read articles about Google Adsense or Blogging, you’ll have an idea on how advertisements posted on web pages can earn you money without doing much. Here’s how online advertisements can make you money when you start your domain parking business.

People directed to your parked domain are usually looking for something. With this in mind, you have instant potential traffic. When they land on your parked domains web page, odds are they might explore a bit. If there is anything in the Ads that interests them, you’ll gain clicks on those advertisements.

So how to earn from these clicks? With your online home business you need to sign up with advertisement agencies & run advertising campaigns. Ad agencies take the lead in promoting their clients products by placing client ads on websites and blogs. Agencies are getting paid when the ads are clicked or viewed. This is how the advertisements agencies pay you. Once you’ve placed the Ads on your Parked Domain, there’s nothing else to do.

Getting clicks on well placed Ads has been one of the most profitable online home business ideas since internet marketing evolved. Apart from Google Adsense, there are other advertising agencies ready to do business with you. Applying is simple.

Doing it the smart way
To earn more from ad placement on your parked domains, the best thing would be to research the keywords that you will be using for domains names. You want to find the popular yet not so competitive keywords that online users will use to find what they. Once you have the keywords incorporated on your parked domain, the advertising agencies will identify the types of ads that will be placed on your web pages.

Domain parking is one of the most profitable online home business ideas. Unlike website marketing which requires development, design, content creation and link building; a domain parking business is considered one of the most inexpensive ways of making money online.

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