Make Money Gardening How To

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Make Money Gardening – Tips to Success

Farmers with thousands of acres of land, complex machinery and large herds of livestock often struggle with earning enough to even meet their expenses. If that’s the case, how can you make money gardening with only the tiny amount of space available in your backyard?

As with any business, the answer is buy low, sell high, and minimize losses and overhead. That may sound challenging, but with home gardening it’s actually very easy. Think of the costs for a moment: seeds or roots, maybe some fertilizer and pest prevention, a few cheap tools and that’s it; you’d really have to try hard to spend more than a couple hundred dollars on starting costs. If you already own the plants, your only costs will be your own labor.

Incredible home business opportunities await those who can figure out how to turn their gardens into cash. This guide will help you do exactly that.

Sell at Every Stage
Gardening for profit can be nerve-wracking if you’re always waiting for harvest. Your plants could be killed at any time: frost, disease, bad weather and insects can destroy a garden in the blink of an eye. However, you can turn that situation to your advantage by selling to other gardeners instead.

People will pay good money for plants at every stage of their life cycle: a few seedlings are often worth as much as an entire pack of seeds, and a grown plant can fetch several dollars long before its begun putting out fruit.

By selling at every stage, you minimize your risks of losses if something goes wrong, you free up space for new plants, and you can make money gardening throughout the entire growing season.

Choose High-Demand Plants
A common mistake is to plant the things everyone already has—you won’t be able to make a profit off of those three hundred zucchinis if your neighbors can’t figure out what to do with the five hundred they already grew. Invest in good cash crops instead: popular herbs, flowers, saplings of decorative trees, and popular fruits and vegetables like strawberries or hot peppers.

Find Your Market
In more populated areas, you can often sell your plants, fruits and vegetables right from your front yard, making this a true work from home job. However, even if this is the case, you might want to look into other venues as well.

Farmer’s markets are great places to sell your goods, both to the general public and to other gardeners. In addition, visiting a few of these before deciding what to grow can help you get a feel for supply and demand in your local area.

Restaurants will often pay very well for fresh-picked vegetables. Garnish plants like cilantro, parsley, and certain types of lettuce are often used in large quantities, and they have to be perfectly fresh when they reach the plate. Others may be very selective about offering only organic foods, so if you can get an organic certification you’ll be in high demand.

Pick-your-own is a great way to make money gardening while cutting out the effort you’d normally have to put into harvesting. You can charge the full price you normally would for picked fruit, then simply sit back, relax, and let the profits roll in while your customers enjoy a day in the sun. This works best with berries, since they’re delicious and fun to pick.

Following these strategies and techniques will help you to make money gardening. Combine it with other work from home ideas to make a good living without ever setting foot in an office. To find out more in detail tips and tricks on how to make money gardening you need to check out this book available on Amazon; Pay Dirt: How To Make $10,000 a Year From Your Backyard Garden.


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