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Create your own Books for Fun or Business – You can also become an Affiliate & Earn Income

Create your own books on the BlurbWhether you want to join Blurb so that you can create your own books or for the earning potential of becoming an affiliate, you’ve got nothing to lose. Maybe you run a business and your employees do a lot of note taking and you would like your own branded notebook. On the other hand you may want a useful promotional notebook that you can give out to your clients; the notebook must be useful and still lead people back to your business.

There is more to Blurb than just that though. The Blurb platform makes it easy for you to create, design, publish and market your own book. There are free book making tools such as Blurb Bookify, Blurb BookSmart and the PDF to Book workflow. There are free sharing and marketing tools and you can even go as far as posting digital previews of your book. Let’s not forget being a part of the community where there are workshops, webinars and forums

Let’s take a step back and suppose you are a business that sells parts and you want to do up a little book about your company and some of the items you have to offer, you can do that with Blurb. Better yet, let’s imagine that a part of your work is to go around and fix mechanical issues on fuel pumps. As an idea you want to give your customers some money saving tips, things to check before making a service call. You can list these simple tasks in a book, step by step so that your customers can refer back to them time and time again. You can create your own books to any style that you choose, books that are easy for your customers to follow. If a tutorial is your intention you can tailor it exactly how you want.

I would say that you should not give this book away for free, but you should also not charge too high of an amount for it either. You may lose a call or two because of the helpful book but you gain a bit from the sale of the book. You can also gain the confidence of your customers by offering this helpful trouble shooting book to them. The business mind always wants to feel that they are saving money.

Let’s go in a different direction now and bring in you as the aspiring writer, book creator. You can create a book on nearly anything and the Blurb does offer up the ideas for you on that as well. Whether you want to make an ebook or a hard cover book, you can do that on the blurb. The blurb provides you all the tools to make it possible. If you join the blurb as an affiliate you will earn a 15% commission on all sales. So you can create your own books to sell and also earn money as affiliate by promoting the blurb on your own website. You need to check out more information on the blurb.

It does not stop there, this Blurb can help with your wedding project, and you can turn the photos from your wedding into a beautiful book that can be passed down from generation to generation. You can make a how-to book; you can make a collection of some your artwork, your vacations and more. You can turn what were once just photos, because you wanted to, into a viewing gallery that others want to see and are looking for images and information on.

Find out how you can become a Blurb affiliate or if you just want to make your own book, you can do it all at the Blurb. You can make the Blurb a part of your online home business or you can simply use it to create your own  books for whatever need arises. You can create books for the purpose they will serve, the memories they have captured and for the simple lifelong enjoyment for both personal or business reasons. Start creating your own books, pass them down through the family or pass them on through your company, the choice is yours!


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