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HubPages Business Ideas

Do you love writing about just anything? Do you want business ideas that can be converted into profit? If you want both, head on to, here’s our profile. Before going there, here are some insights.

HubPages is one of the premium content sites that provides articles about various topics. It is a great place to share and acquire information, tips, advice, and more. There are several reasons why so many people sign up for it. Two of these reasons are the passion for writing and the desire to earn while enjoying writing. Here is a simple list of business ideas that will teach you how to start a business writing Hubs.

Google Adsense Pays Per Click
If you have a website or a blog, you are probably familiar with Google Adsense. It is an online advertising campaign ran by Google for their clients. On each Hub that you write, HubPages will show these ads which are relevant to the topic or subject you are writing about. For each click or view these ads on your Hub get, you earn a piece of the profit.

If you are wondering why some people prefer writing Hubs rather than running their own website to earn from Adsense clicks, the answer is simple. HubPages has built its online authority that has become popular in the search engine results. So the chances of getting traffic to click Adsense ads is higher.

Ebay and Amazon Modules Available
Similar to how Adsense works, you can promote affiliate products and earn profits by signing up for Ebay and Amazon affiliate programs. HubPages allows each Hub created to contain these reference links for Ebay and Amazon. When someone buys from Amazon or Ebay from your links, you get paid.

HubPages Earning Program
To increase your chances of earning through affiliate advertising, HubPages has its own earning program. This program offers combined optimized premium ads from various advertising partners. You will need to reach the payment minimum to get paid.

By referring other people to write on HubPages, you can earn (10%) against the generated profit of their hub. Obviously, the key in earning more from this is to get more people to sign up.

How much money will you make?
Depending on the quality of hubs you create, you can expect profits by turning your content business ideas into nicely written hubs.

  • This requires a passion for writing which will guarantee the quality.
  • Understanding how your hubs get to decent search engine position.
  • How many valuable Hubs you create.
  • How often you update your Hubs.

HubPages does not guarantee profits, instead it encourages top quality Hubs.

Write about what interests you
If you want to write about your dog, do so. If you want to write about diamonds, you can do that too. But, if you want to earn a bit of income off your Hubs do a bit of research, add in the little morsels that people may want to know about. Take a look at a few of the articles on HubPages, you will see a number that follows the title, the maximum number is 100 and this is what we all hope to achieve with our Hubs. Look at a few low ranked articles and a few high ranked articles and compare; keep in mind the age of the Hubs you are looking at.

  • A word of caution, if the low ranking article has just been published it is normal for it to have a low number.
  • When you first create a  Hub it is given a value of 50 and it can go up or down from there; so if you’re seeing less than 50 and the Hubs been up awhile you may want to look at it more closely and perhaps figure out why that may be?

Links to Your Website from an Authority Site
HubPages allows its Hub creators to add links within the Hub and building incoming links from a broad range of quality sources is a fantastic way to get that much needed traffic. Not all links have the same value; we already know that ‘Authority Sites’ are the gold standard of link building but did you know that HubPages is seen by Google as an Authority Site? HubPages is a giant website made up of user created pages based on particular subjects, very similar to an online article, but with images, polls and advertising. (Newsfeeds have now been removed and over advertising has also been reined in.)

Make New Friends
You can gain yourself some followers or you can follow other writers whom you think are spectacular, there are forums you can check into, questions you can ask and questions you can answer.

Create Great Articles and Get Noticed
Always keep in mind, well at least if you are like me, my ultimate goal is to earn a bit of extra money and of course get links to my website; your goal may be to interact and be a part of a group. HubPages serves many purposes, keep it all in perspective and you will do fine.

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