How to Attract More Business – Promote your Business with Webinars

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How to Attract More Business using Webinars

If you want to learn how to attract more business on the internet, webinars can be a great source for business ideas. While webinars are intended for online meetings, internet marketers have begun using them for marketing purposes.

Webinars have been considered by internet marketers as the best way to promote their product. Since most people prefer watching instructions rather than reading them, webinars have become a powerful source of online business ideas. From the simplest to the most complex business ideas, they can now be conveyed through the use of webinars. Here are the most profitable ways on how to attract more business using webinars.

Learning the Basics
Even before webinars were used as marketing tool, companies have used them for online meetings and as training material. There are several benefits of using this service. It enables employees to attend meetings or training sessions remotely. Many companies consider it the most effective way of educating their employees across the globe. Thus, it is also considered cost efficient since it eliminates transportation and accommodation costs.

How it works
Before the meeting starts, the host sends an email to the attendees which contain a link that will direct them to what is referred to as “the meeting place”. Attendees will have the ability to see the host’s computer screen while listening to the meeting. The host can show slides, graphs and anything else on his computer monitor. This is like an actual presentation. The only thing limited is the feature that will show the host and the attendees’ ability to raise questions. A “question panel” serves this purpose.

This is the typical way of using a webinar for online meetings and training. These features were seen by internet marketers as another way of marketing their products and services. Instead of writing sales copy, promotional webinars are used today. It has been proven effective in creating a sales pitch that hopes to turn viewers into buying customers.

How to turn webinars into cash
As mentioned earlier, webinars are intended mainly to educate people. But you know what goes in the mind of online entrepreneurs. You can capitalize on webinars to market your products and services by educating your target audience.

Here are couple of ways on how to attract more business and run your first webinar:

Live – In this webinar, you should be ready to showcase how your business can help your target audience. Make sure that your message is clear and concise. Set the atmosphere of the meeting. Be ready to answer as many questions as your audience will ask you. Since it will be live, set a rule prior the meeting so that your audience will know how and when to ask questions. Be ready with rebuttals. Most importantly, feed them all the information about your business that will turn help turn them into buyers.

Recorded – This can be a video of you posted on video sharing and social media sites. It can contain the same message. What’s important is that it should include an overview of your business and teasers which will encourage your viewers to go to your site or sales page; this is how you attract more business to your website.

We’ve discussed the basics on how to attract more business with webinars. It is our hope to provide more insight on how to use webinars to serve their purpose – to educate.

  • To attract more business with traffic – Video sharing sites such as YouTube are a great place if you want traffic. On these sites, millions of viewers log on daily. If you post your webinars there, you can take advantage of that traffic. Video sharing sites are highly favored by search engines. Take note though that the key to success is the proper use of keywords. . You need to make sure that you are targeting that right keywords so the right people finds your webinars.
  • To convert traffic – Alright so you have attracted a significant amount of traffic. But what’s the sense when you can’t make these people viewing your webinar go to your site to learn more about your business? Who would not want to sit at the top of the search engine results for competitive keywords? You need to convert your viewers into buyers!
  • We all want to land on the first page but without emphasis on your conversion rate, every marketing effort that you exert becomes pointless. Using webinars is a part of how to attract more business but we need to have a proven follow through. Know the product or service you are selling and produce user friendly and interactive webinars to promote them.

How to Attract More Business with the Right timing – Learning how to attract more business has a lot to do with timing. Give your attendees enough time to decide whether to accept your invitation or not. Send out the meeting invite a week ahead. Don’t forget to set a 24 hour reminder. Most importantly, start on-time.

How to Attract More Business with a Clean Webinar Presentation – Since the session will only involve your voice and your computer screen, you have a better chance of giving a clean presentation. Make sure that your background is clear of any distracting noises. As per your computer screen, you need to ensure that do a test run prior to the meeting. Test your connection, browser, applications and all else that is involved.

It’s your voice and your screen that interacts with your viewers, make your presentation (your slides, charts and graphs) concise and to the point. How to attract more business involves making it interesting throughout the duration of your webinar. Speak clearly, project energy and excitement throughout the entire session, but not overly much.

Archive – Each webinar that you conduct can be considered as marketing material. Archive it so you can always use it when you need it. If you have created an account on video sharing sites, you can archive your webinars there.

Keep your Connections – This will save you a lot of time if you invest in it. Make sure you keep the email addresses that your attendees used to sign up for the meeting. Make sure to include a link or the contact information for your business so they can reach you. Do your best to give them freebies such as free newsletter or eBook.

Generating leads is a part of how to attract more business on the internet. By keeping your past connections, you keep your leads intact. It may seem easy to run a webinar, but it’s hard work to generate leads to attend to your webinar and keeping them connected afterwards. Webinars can be used to your advantage, use it smartly!

How to run your own webinar can give you some more pointers.

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