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Art Consultant Home Business Idea

Roadrunner drawing for Art Consultant PostOpening up shop as a small scale Art Consultant is one of the great Startup Business Ideas since it can provide you a fairly decent income. If you dabble a bit in the arts yourself it could open a few more doors for you. The gradually expanding business of an art consultant can be easily started on a small scale. You do not require much capital to start with but do require an innovative outlook and a common good taste for the arts. To really get going as an Art Consultant you will need a few artsy contacts. These contacts will ideally gain you a few initial contracts with clients so you can increase your market value.

An art consultant is a person that advises their clients regarding the purchase of artistic materials. Organizations and individuals, with little information in regards to the arts. hire art consultants to advise them on purchasing Art Works. A consulting business is a good route to go If you possess an adequate knowledge of the arts and wish to earn an income from your knowledge. With this business you can start small and grow as needs dictate.

It has been heard that many art historians are gradually turning towards the art consultant business as it does provide a great opportunity to earn a good income. With this business they are doing something that they both appreciate and enjoy. If you are proven to be a valuable art consultant you can easily earn an income that is more than satisfactory.

Apart from advising about the purchases of artworks an art consultant also organizes art programs for organizations, medical centers, hotels, agencies and more. There are many possibilities for the art consultants business such as museum curators or a collection manager to name a couple.

  • Being a collection manager. The consultant manages the art collection of an organization or a private art collector. As the art consultant you would maintain the art collection of said organizations in an exemplary state; apart from advising on the requisition of new works of art.
  • In the position of a Museum Curator. The person needs to maintain the cultural specimens of the museum. However becoming a museum curator is more of a job than that of a stand alone business, unless the museum is owned by you.

The earnings of an art consultant varies depending upon your experience in the field and the organization with which you have signed the contract. The quality of the art collection is also an important factor that decides your pay scale. For those of us that run independent business, whether small or large scale, the income you earn depends on a few factors.

  • The stature of the client.
  • The frequency of advice the client seeks from you as the art consultant.
  • A percentage of the total cost of the art collection also decides your pay scale.
  • You could get to large dollar amounts for their art consultant services since many art collections are worth multiple thousands of dollars, or even millions.

In my opinion there is good money to be made as an Art consultant, but there is also fierce competition. If this is a business you want to get a foothold in you need to learn more than just the basics. Learn the details of the chosen art field you want to go into. There are many art courses offered all around the globe, learn your history on the art you wish to promote. Find out what the majority of people like and want, do a bit of networking to get your name out there. Most of all have good taste in choosing what appeals to the Art connoisseurs of the world.

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