Free Onlne Learning

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Free Online Learning – A Variety of Courses to Choose From

Free onnline learning with LearnFree.OrgAre you looking for some free online learning that will get you ahead? Do you want to build on your skills so that you can create an interesting and useful Blog? Do you need to tune up your skills in office applications? Whether you’re looking to start a Blog of your own or want to develop your office skills we have a fantastic recommendation for you. Let’s start out with, you can learn about Blogs. Start with the basics on Blogs and go all the way to the methods of obtaining content and fair use of that content.

Free online learning doesn’t have to stop with just what applies directly to building your online business; you may want to learn a few other skills as well. There is a wealth of free information at LearnFree that applies to everyday life. The choices cover a broad range of topics; from grocery shopping to tax documents. The free online learning at LearnFree we’re talking about has courses in areas that will be helpful in building up your blog as well as numerous other areas of your life, and it’s all free. Read more…

Join Blurb Create Your Own Books

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Create your own Books for Fun or Business – You can also become an Affiliate & Earn Income

Create your own books on the BlurbWhether you want to join Blurb so that you can create your own books or for the earning potential of becoming an affiliate, you’ve got nothing to lose. Maybe you run a business and your employees do a lot of note taking and you would like your own branded notebook. On the other hand you may want a useful promotional notebook that you can give out to your clients; the notebook must be useful and still lead people back to your business.

There is more to Blurb than just that though. The Blurb platform makes it easy for you to create, design, publish and market your own book. There are free book making tools such as Blurb Bookify, Blurb BookSmart and the PDF to Book workflow. There are free sharing and marketing tools and you can even go as far as posting digital previews of your book. Let’s not forget being a part of the community where there are workshops, webinars and forums

Let’s take a step back and suppose you are a business that sells parts and you want to do up a little book about your company and some of the items you have to offer, you can do that with Blurb. Better yet, let’s imagine that a part of your work is to go around and fix mechanical issues on fuel pumps. As an idea you want to give your customers some money saving tips, things to check before making a service call. You can list these simple tasks Read more…


Make money with WordPress

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Make Money with WordPress Ideas

How To Create A Website With WordPress And Start A Profitable Online BusinessThere are numerous different ways that you can make money with WordPress, we’re going to go over a few of these possible money making ideas today. If you haven’t used WordPress yet, do not fret, it’s easy to learn your way around in WordPress; take a look at some of the Lessons provided to you by WordPress.

How you choose to make money with WordPress depends on your abilities and what you want to do with your time. Many of us that like to write and know a bit of SEO opt to go with Content Creation for others. Ideally you want to create valuable content and then sell it for top dollar. Elance, ProBlogger and O’Desk are just a couple of places where you can take a look at what kind of content other website owners are looking for.

You’re going to advertise your services on your WordPress site, help people find your site and services by creating links back to your WordPress Blog. You can create relevant articles and post them on Ezine Articles, HubPages or Squidoo with a link leading back to your WordPress services page. There are some videos you can watch on Ezine Articles showing you how to grow your business. If you want to see others opinions on Hubpages or WordPress click here. Read more…

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Photos For Your Website

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Photos for your website – The right photos get people clicking.

How important are photos for your website when it comes to getting people to click? Let’s face it, the majority of us see an interesting picture, we are very tempted to click and want to read more. As an example if you go to Pinterest you will see a lot of images and we naturally tend to be drawn to images of things we personally prefer and want to see more. Hence we click to view more and this is the motivation behind why we need photos that attract users and promote clicking.

You can get photos for your website or Blog from a variety of different places. You can take and incorporate your own photos or you can use free to use photos for your website that can be found on the internet; (Image: is just one of the examples available to you. Now you need to keep in mind that you do need to publish a credit to the photo website for the use of the image. You can also purchase the image if you do not wish to publish a credit. Read more…


Copywriting to Earn Income

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Copywriting to Earn Income, Can it Work for You?

A Step-By-Step Guide To Writing Copy That Sells Most businesses have a website now and they either try to post the information themselves or they hire out and have others do it for them. This is where copywriting to earn income comes in for you. You can be the one to apply to do the writing that promotes the products or services of these businesses.

There is free information all over the internet on how to perform copy writing, copy writing 101 is just one example. Copy writing is a market that most of us can easily get into, we all have experience in different areas. But, first step first, you need to learn more about copywriting. Read more…


Plagiarism Checker for your Articles

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 Plagiarism Checker – Why you need to check it out!

Protected by Copyscape Web Plagiarism DetectionThe activity of other people copying articles and claiming them as their own is a rapidly growing epidemic on the internet. It is common knowledge that websites need articles quickly to rank well with the search engines. The activity of copying and pasting articles is actually breaking the law, but is still practiced by many. This is what makes a Plagiarism Checker important for the author and webmaster.

A professional writer usually does some research before writing on a topic so that a good impression is left with their readers. The author will most times take a series of accurate sets of data and incorporate the data into their article. They do not change the data results but the author will reorganize and restructure the data to make the article original and unique to them. Read more…


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